Mercerized Cotton Yarn 200 gram cone

Mercerized Cotton Yarn 200 gram cone

Mercerized (Pearl) Cotton Yarn - 100% cotton- natural, bleached and dyed colours

Price based on 200 gram cone - other quantites can be wound off to order.  Please contact us for special quantity orders.

Available in 3 weights:

3/2 (1260 yards/pound)

5/2 (2100 yards/pound)

10/2 (4200 yards/pound)


NOTE:  All colours may not be in stock in all weights.  Please contact us for availablity.


Click Here to open a PDF Colour Chart


For hand crafters, weavers or machine and hand knitters, our collection of cotton yarns from Supreme Corporation give your products the performance you need. Excellent twisting eliminates stretch and sag in your garments.

From warm country colours to deep classics, Supreme cotton yarns holds up to 2A Wash Test.

Mercerized yarn stays shiny through washing and gives a nice, somewhat fancier look to finished items.


What is Mercerized Cotton?

Mercerized cotton is a special kind of cotton yarn that is more lustrous than conventional cotton. It is also stronger, takes dye a little more readily, makes the yarn more resistant to mildew and reduces lint. It also may not shrink or lose its shape as much as "regular" cotton.

Mercerization, the process by which mercerized yarn is made, is named for the British chemist John Mercer, who developed the process and received a patent for his work in 1851.


Mercer found that adding caustic soda (lye) or sulfuric acid to cotton made the fiber swell and straighten. No one was too impressed by that, but in 1890 Horace Lowe developed a process by which caustic soda was added to the yarn under high tension, which added the luster that mercerized cotton is famous for today.


The process of making mercerized cotton is rather complex; if you'd like to read more about it there is an excellent (though technical) article at



Please select yarn weight and colour from the drop-down menu below.




Price per Unit (piece): $14.40

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