Cotton Rug Warp 4/8

Cotton Rug Warp 4/8

Maysville Cotton Rug Warp 4/8 - 100% Cotton - 1/2 lb. cones

4/8 100% cotton available in Maysville Natural, Bleached and 57 commercial dyed colors. All colors are now fast color. This is 100% cotton and has approx. 1600 yards per pound (800 yards on each 1/2 lb. tube). This warp has been made for Maysville for many, many years. This is the warp your grandmother used to use.


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What does 4/8 mean? These numbers tell you the weight , yardage, and number of strands in the yarn.

- the bottom number (8) tells the industry standard size of the warp (an 8 single has 6720 yards per pound) (a 1/1 yarn has 840 yards per pound). The larger the top number the finer the single strand yarn.

-the top number tells how many strands are put together to make the warp - so this warp is a size 8 plied with 4 strands (the 4 plys cuts the yardage to 1680 yards per pound). The larger the bottom number the more strands in the yarn.


Price per Unit (piece): $12.00

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