Fringe Twisters

Fringe Twisters

Fringe Twisters from Leclerc Looms


To ply a fringed edge, decide on the number of strands to be included and divide them into two groups. Clamp one group each into the clips, and holding the wooden crank in the center, turn crank clockwise until it kinks.

Holding the ends of each group, remove them from the clips. Put both groups in one hand and secure the end of the bundle with an overhand knot.

Release the bundle to allow the groups to twist around each other counterclockwise.

Approximately 4" x 4"  (Made of maple)


Available in double, triple or quadruple.  Select type from drop down menu below

 fringe twister dbl   fringe twister tri   fringe twister quad

       Double Fringe Twister        Triple Fringe Twister         Quadruple Fringe Twister


Price per Unit (piece): $0.00

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