Bobbins/Pirns (Schacht)

Bobbins/Pirns (Schacht)

PLASTIC BOBBINS (pictured to the left)

Our plastic bobbins come in three sizes in packages of 10. The 4″ bobbins fit the 9″ mini, the 11″ shuttles, and both double-bobbin boat shuttles; the 5″ bobbins fit the 13″ shuttles; and the 6″ bobbins fit the 15″ shuttles. The bobbins have specially designed ends for trouble-free release of yarn.



Our pirns come in two sizes: 6″ and 8″ in packages of 5. They are made of wood and are tapered. Choose 6″ lengths for the 12″ end-delivery shuttle and 8″ for our 15″.

Read about using pirns in the End-Delivery Shuttle instructions.

ss pirns




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