Louet Spinning Wheels & Accessories

Louet Spinning Wheels & Accessories

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For over 35 years, the Louët team in Holland has been researching, designing, experimenting, and consulting with you, the customer, to create a superior line of spinning wheels and weaving looms. Louët is known for their high quality, suitability and original design to all their products which ultimately mean ease of use for comfortable and productive spinning and weaving.


Wheels are made of laminated hardwood with a "birch" exterior finish.


Gemini Fibres is an authorized dealer for Ashford, Kromski, Lendrum, Louet, and Schacht Spindle.

As each company has an extensive line of quality products we aren't able to stock everything.  However we would be happy to assist you in choosing and/or ordering what you're interested in.

Please Contact Us for all your spinning needs and we’ll be glad to provide current pricing and availability.


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