Forrester Spindles & Tools

Forrester Spindles & Tools

About Tom Forrester

We have been very fortunate to find a talented woodworker right in our own back yard. Tom Forrester is producing all of the following products exclusively for Gemini Fibres. They are exceptional quality in both the materials and the workmanship. Tom's love of the craft shows through in the end product. All tools are unique, hand-turned, no two alike, using domestic and exotic woods. Imported woods are purchased from suppliers who deal only with wood sources that are environmentally certified and well managed sustainable forest wood producers.


Tom is a fulltime artist and craftsperson. He had his first wood lathe when he was 8 years old and has been woodturning for over 50 years. For the past several years Tom has designed and made a limited number of unique spindles. His spindle designs emerge at the lathe from artistic motivations governed only by the technical parameters of the spinner's tool. Tom creates one-of-a-kind spindles, each one slightly different. Consequently, at his Woodshaper Studio, there are no "production spindles" and no "production runs". Tom's craftworks have won him many design awards and have been featured on national television. Forrester art spindles are in high demand and are collected by spinners worldwide. In addition to making specialty tools for spinners and weavers, Tom is a sculptor. His sculptural pieces regularly appear in major Toronto art galleries and at juried shows. Tom's personal concerns for the rainforest environment lead him to use only high quality domestic hardwoods. These are obtained from responsible local wood supplier whose wood harvestings, milling and drying techniques he respects.




It is with deep sorrow that we say good bye to Tom Forrester.  He and his wife Tina were killed in a tragic vehicle accident on February 22nd,, 2016.  Tom was our amazing spindle maker for almost 20 years and his wife was a talented writer and photographer.  Both friends will be sadly missed.

Tom’s first wood turning project was at the tender age of 8.  Through careers in the academic and corporate worlds, Tom cultivated interests in art, technology and history that have found ample outlet in his work as a maker of coveted spinning tools and other creative works in stained glass, sculpture in found-objects, metals & mixed-media pieces.



Below is a sampling of some of the spindle designs offered from Forrester Woodshaper Studios.  Unfortunately our complete inventory of Forrester spindles are now sold out.  


DSCN0278    DSCN0259    DSCN0288    DSCN0277

DSCN0264    DSCN0291    DSCN0273    Vortex2DSCN0318



Customer Comments on Forrester Spindles:



Just had to write to tell you my spindles just arrived! OH MY GOODNESS. They are such beautiful things. Now I understand how people become captivated by them. Thanks for the great service and the time spent on the phone helping me choose which spindles to buy right now. As soon as I saw them I thought I must have a Dervish!! The yarn sett gauge is lovely as well. I'm gushing I know but I have no exposure to such lovely spinning things here on the island. I would think I'd died and gone to heaven if I were to step foot inside your shop. Now off to do some spinning.






I didn’t get the name—a failure on my part—of the lovely woman who answered my call last week and who took my order for a Tom Forrester spindle. I asked for a Linum Fancy spindle and she suggested the pink ivory one, and another. I chose the pink ivory one, sight unseen. It arrived promptly. I just want to tell her how very extraordinarily pleased I am with the spindle. It is not only lovely, as she said, but it spins like a spinner’s dream.

From another source, I had just recently purchased my first Forrester spindle, a Granny Fancy with an imbuya whorl and rock maple shaft. With that spindle I was an instant fan of Tom Forrester’s work. All I had to go on regarding the Linum was the black & white Gemini ad in Spin Off magazine. I need not have any worries. The spindle choice was perfect. Thanks so much.

I have been a spinner/weaver/knitter for 30 years. I live on my family farm in the SW corner of Kansas, USA, where four generations of us have lived and grown up. I have always had to supply my fiber arts passion via mail order as the nearest fiber shop is 400 or more miles away and no one here has the foggiest idea about what it is that I do.

So, thanks, again. The next time I decide that I can’t live without another Tom Forrester spindle, I will give Gemini Fibers another call.

--- Janice McClure





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