DP Needle Tube/Case

DP Needle Tube/Case

Double Point Needle Tube/Case from Nancy's Knit Knacks (set of 4)          Nancys DP-Needle-Tube Logo-3


DP Needle Tube™ - A solution for holding and protecting your valuable and delicate Double Pointed Needles.

Strong paper, telescopic tube with closed ends. Its diameter is wide enough to hold 5 6.00mm needles (or many more smaller needles or 2 to 4 larger needles).

The Tubes can extend to hold 10" long needles. It also shortens to a total length of 6-1/2". They have inside diameters of 5/8" and outside diameters of approx. 3/4".

The Yellow tube can be marked with a Sharpie brand marker with the needle size (for the needles contained inside).


Why are DP Needle Tubes so great?

  • They are inexpensive so you can easily afford to own one or more packages of 4 Tubes.
  • They protect needles better than any other solution while maintaining a sleek form factor.
  • They are flexible and expand to hold the shortest needles up to needles with lengths of 10". They do this while protecting both the needle bodies and tips. Needles cannot be broken while inside our tubes. Fabric holders cannot make that same claim nor can the "rubber band or closure" systems.
  • They are attractive - in glossy Royal Blue and Yellow colors.
  • The needle sizes can be written on the yellow cap (or tube body) with a Sharpie brand marker.
  • They are made in the USA
  • They just plain work, and work well.
Price per Unit (piece): $7.99

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