Weld Natural Dye – 100 grams

Weld Natural Dye – 100 grams

Weld Natural Dye (reseda luteola) – 100 gram package (European-grown)

Weld is the prettiest light and bright yellow! and it is the most permanent.

Weld yellow is the best base for brightest greens. It has been used for this in virtually all Antique Oriental Carpets.

Weld is one of the most anciently used dyes: Egyptian mummy bandages have been identified as dyed with weld!

Our weld is grown in Anatolia, the longest producing weld growing area in the world.

Silk: Brilliant, clear, bright and fast. Use at 50% to 100% by weight of silk, on a 3% Tin fixer-mordant.

Wool: Rich, clear and fast. Use at 50% to 100% by weight of wool, on a 25% Alum fixer-mordant.

Greens: an exception to the rule of "dye Indigo first", weld is so permanent it never runs into the Indigo vat. The layering of the blue over the yellow gives a depth to the greens that is unique.

Dyers secret: Use a bit of Chalk (calcium carbonate) at the end of dyeing. This will "bloom" and enrich the colour. Add chalk to the silk or wool dyebath only after dying is completed and you turn off the heat. In this way the calcium won't harm the fibre. Let the dyebath cool overnight, rinse the next day.

Weld smells delicious, like honey! and bees love the flowers.

Price per Unit (piece): $17.50

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