Fustic Wood Shavings 100g

Fustic Wood Shavings 100g

Fustic Wood Shavings 100 gram package (Palo Amarillo)

Yields golds to soft greens depending on modant used

fusticwood colors 320


The trees from which this dyestuff has been harvested have grown up wild in the CaribbeanIsland of the Dominican Republic. No tree is cut down for the harvest: only a large side branch is taken. All heartwood from the center of this branch is cleaned and planed by hand. All sales of this dyewood benefit the harvesters, who are some of the few remaining descendants of the original Taino peoples of that island.

Dyeing with the wood shavings yields much brighter and clearer colours than using the extract.

Fustic, whether wood or extract, is an excellent dye for all natural fibers: silk, cotton, wool, hemp and all exotics. 


Price per Unit (piece): $26.95

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