DVD Wet Finishing for Weavers

DVD Wet Finishing for Weavers

DVD Wet-finishing for Weavers: Creating Finished Cloth with Laura Fry

Wet-finishing is the process that turns weaving into cloth. Handwoven threads need water and motion to open them up, flatten them out, move them into place, or shrink them into the fabric that you intend them to be.

In this video, professional weaver and teacher Laura Fry shows you how to wet-finish different kinds of fibers and cloth, from the magic that happens in the water through to proper pressing and drying techniques.

You’ll learn:

The fulling processes for woolen and worsted cloth

How to wet-finish cottons, silks, and rayons

Compression techniques to create the smooth, crisp hand of linens

How proper pressing brings out the shine of silk

Wet-finishing techniques for differential shrinkage and textured fabrics

Tips and tricks for fringe and other finishing steps

Through demonstration and myriad samples, Laura shares expertise derived from years of research and experimentation, so you, too, can produce professional-quality finished cloth.

By seeing her fabrics before and after wet finishing, you’ll understand why Laura says, "It isn’t finished until it’s wet-finished."

ISBN: 9781620337660/14WV09
DVD | 74 minutes
Publisher:  Interweave Press, December, 2014

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