DVD Loom Owners Companion

DVD Loom Owners Companion

Loom Owners Companion: Tom Knisely gives an overview of different floor loom types, how they function, and how to keep them in best working condition. DVD

Tom Knisely has maintained and woven with hundreds of looms in more than three decades of teaching at The Mannings Handweaving School in rural Pennsylvania. In this video, filmed on location, Tom explains how to get the most from your loom:  

  • The features, advantages, and quirks of numerous types of jack, countermarch, counterbalance, and table looms
  • How to read all kinds of drafts and tie-ups correctly for your loom
  • The tools that every weaver should have
  • Easy steps to keep your loom and other weaving tools in top working order
  • Dozens of tips for trouble-free weaving

From the beams to the bench, from tie-on to tie-up and sheds to shuttles, Tom shows how to prepare yourself and your loom for a satisfying, successful weaving experience.

Publisher: Interweave Press

ISBN: 9781596686502
Run Time: Approximately 120 minutes
Language: English
Discs: 2

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Price per Unit (piece): $48.95

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