DVD Efficient Weaver

DVD Efficient Weaver

DVD The Efficient Weaver: Techniques for Fast and Happy Weaving with Laura Fry

Discover how to weave more efficiently so you can make the most of the weaving time that you have.

The most common complaint of weavers is that they don’t have enough time for weaving. Production weaver and teacher Laura Fry has an answer: weave more efficiently so you can make the most of the weaving time that you have. In addition to getting more textile for your time at the loom, Laura’s techniques and tips will also help you weave better cloth while reducing wear and tear on your body.

You’ll learn:

How to warp your loom quickly and accurately

How to achieve correct, consistent tension during warping and weaving

How to thread faster than you’ve ever imagined

Techniques for weaving perfect selvedges

Dozens of ways to make weaving easier on your body

Laura has woven miles of gorgeous cloth over four decades, and she loves weaving as much as the day she started. With the soul of a weaver and the mind of an engineer, she’s come up with so many ways to make weaving faster and more enjoyable. As you learn her secrets for efficient, happy weaving, you’ll get more and better cloth and more satisfaction from your own weaving time.


DVD / 91 minutes
ISBN: 9781620337707
Publisher: Interweave Press, November 2014


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