DVD Evolution of Wool *SALE ITEM*

DVD Evolution of Wool *SALE ITEM*

DVD Evolution of Wool: Understanding Fleece from Mountain Goat to Merino with Judith MacKenzie

From ancient times to today, from sunshine and grass to springy, perfect fleece, The Evolution of Wool is the ultimate spinning story!

How does wool grow? How did we get from the very first sheep to the thousands of breeds we have today? And why should it matter to a contemporary spinner? In The Evolution of Wool, Judith MacKenzie takes us on a journey not only through the history of the sheep, but also from cut end to tip end of the all-important wool staple. Wonder why some sheep roo, or shed their fleece, while others grow fleece up to twelve inches long? Why do some fleeces shine like silk while others twist and curl into ringlets? You'll shop for fleece with new eyes once you know how each type came to be. Judith answers all these questions and more in this new video.

You'll learn:

How individual wool fibers grow

Why fleece has changed over the millennia

What differences have developed between wild ancient sheep, primitive breeds, and improved breeds

What makes some wool soft, some silky, and some itchy

From ancient times to today, from sunshine and grass to springy, perfect fleece, the evolution of wool is the ultimate spinning story.

DVD | 47 Minutes
ISBN 13: 9781632504050
Publisher:  Interweave Press, 2015

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Price per Unit (piece): $10.78

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